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UD Nissan Truck Pictures - Page 2

Since the founding of the Nissan Diesel Motor Company in Japan during 1935, the company has continuously endeavoured to build and maintain a reputation for innovation and excellence in its UD truck brand. In 2000 Nissan Diesel introduced new heavy-duty trucks in Japan and Asian countries. It also acquired the sales operation from Nissan Diesel Sales Co., Ltd. In 2003, Nissan Motor and Nissan Diesel reached a basic agreement on a light-duty truck joint venture. Nissan Diesel is now owned by the Volvo Group who purchased 13% of the company from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in 2006.

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UD Truck Pictures
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1995 UD Tow Truck Picture
1995 UD Tow Truck
2008 UD Nissan Rollback Truck Picture
2008 UD Nissan Rollback
2005 UD Nissan LKA265 Truck Picture
2005 UD LKA265
1986 UD Nissan CW45 Water Tanker Truck Picture
1986 UD CW45
Water Tanker
2000 UD Nissan 1400 Truck Picture
2000 UD 1400
2005 UD Nissan PK Truck Picture
2005 UD Nissan PK
2003 UD Nissan 1800 Truck Picture
2003 UD 1800
2005 UD Nissan CW Truck Picture
2005 UD CWB
UD Nissan CW Waste Removal Truck Picture
UD Nissan CWB

UD Capacitor Hybrid Truck Picture
UD Capacitor Hybrid
2004 UD Nissan CW400 Truck Picture
2004 UD CW400
1995 UD Nissan Tow Truck Picture
1995 UD Tow Truck
2005 UD Nissan 175T Truck Picture
2005 UD 175T
1985 UD Nissan UF780 Fire Truck Picture
1985 UD UF780
UD Nissan CWM Truck Picture
UD Nissan CWM
Front Right UD Nissan CG450 Truck Picture
UD Nissan CG450
Front Left 1999 UD Nissan 2600 Truck Picture
UD Nissan 2600
Front Left 2007 UD Nissan 2000 Truck Picture
2007 UD Nissan 2000

1995 UD Nissan CD459VN Truck Picture
1995 UD Nissan CD459VN
UD Nissan 1400 Truck Picture
UD Nissan 1400
2008 UD Nissan 2000 Truck Picture
2008 UD Nissan 2000
Front Left 2009 UD 2300DH Truck Picture
2009 UD 2300DH
Front Left 2009 UD 2000 Rollback Truck  Picture
2009 UD 2000 Rollback
Front Right Green UD Nissan MK175T Truck Picture
UD Nissan MK175T

UD Truck Pictures
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