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I am a retired shop teacher who likes to dabble with computers and write poems. I have done various jobs such as carpentry, drafting, painting, and writing.  I was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.  Along the way I managed to qualify for a Master's degree in Educational Administration. In the educational field, I taught school mainly in the grade 7 to grade 12 levels and, at one time or another, I was a department head, a vice-principal, a principal, and a co-ordinator of technology.

Formal education and a so-called professional career, however, do not replace the school of everyday hard knocks when it comes to survival in today's world.

I believe computer technology and the internet have provided the world with a solution to bringing nations closer together.  My hope is they will develop a sense of kinship through the sharing of ideas and information. In the long run, truth must and will prevail.  If not, we will be living in a "big brother" community where the political game is played to the disadvantage of the common man and woman.

It is my hope that some of the truck pictures can touch you, the viewer, in some manner and that you'll come back to Classy Trucks from time-to-time.  Thank you for this visit.

Don Jones

It takes me hours and hours to collect these pictures. I usually decrease them in size from where I obtain them so they are out there on the internet in a larger format if you want to look for them. Please if you see I have a mistake in the year of the truck or the model/model number, bring it to my attention.
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