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Freightliner Truck Pictures - Page 4

By 2001, DaimlerChrysler was awash in used trucks it couldn't sell, and saddled with a number of non-performing operations at a time when the core business, still the Freightliner over-the-road truck offerings, was in recession. Former Freightliner CFO Rainer Schmueckle was dispatched by DaimlerChrysler to once again turn the company around. The Kelowna Western Star plant was closed, as was a Thomasbuilt facility in Woodstock, Ontario and parts manufacturing at the old Portland plant was discontinued. American LaFrance production was consolidated in the former Western Star plant in Ladson, SC, but the attempt to integrate complex, specialized emergency vehicles into a company noted for high volume production capabilities ultimately proved unworkable, and American LaFrance was sold late in 2005. Today, Freightliner remains the leading brand in heavy-duty trucks, and in commercial vehicles in classes 5 through 8 in North America.

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Freightliner Truck Pictures
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2002 Freightliner Truck Conversion Picture
2002 Freightliner
Truck Conversion
1996 Freightliner FLB9042T Truck Picture
1996 Freightliner FLB9042T
2005 Freightliner Coronado Truck Picture
2005 Freightliner Coronado
1997 Freightliner FLD120 Truck Picture
1997 Freightliner FLD120
2000 Freightliner FLD129 Truck Picture
2000 Freightliner FLD120
2000 Freightliner F80 Truck Picture
2000 Freightliner F80
2000 Freightliner Step Van Picture
2000 Freightliner Step Van
2003 Freightliner Century Truck Picture
2003 Freightliner Century
2000 Freightliner Classic Truck Picture
2000 Freightliner Classic

Front Right 2007 Freightliner Century Truck Picture
2007 Freightliner Century
Freightliner Business M2 Truck Picture
Freightliner Business M2
Front Right Maroon Freightliner FLD120 Truck Picture
Freightliner FLD120
2005 Freightliner FLD Truck Picture
2005 Freightliner FLD
2000 Freightliner FLD120 Truck PIcture
2000 Freightliner FLD120
1999 Freightliner FL70 Truck Picture
1999 Freightliner FL70
2004 Freightliner FTL Truck Picture
2004 Freightliner FTL
1995 Freightliner VL70 Fire Truck Picture
1995 Freightliner VL70
2001 Freightliner FLD132 Truck Picture
2001 Freightliner FLD132

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2006 Freightliner M2 Truck Picture
2006 Freightliner M2
1995 Freightliner FL70 Truck Picture
1995 Freightliner FL70
1993 Freightliner 60 Series Truck Picture
1993 Freightliner
60 Series
Front left 2010 Freightliner Cascadia Truck Picture
2010 Freightliner Cascadia
Front left red 2009 Freightliner Cascadia Truck Picture
2009 Freightliner Cascadia
2006 Freightliner M2 Fire Truck
2006 Freightliner M2

Freightliner Truck Pictures
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