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International Truck Pictures - Page 2

International Truck and Engine, the primary operating subsidiary of Navistar International, manufactures heavy-duty trucks bearing the International brand name. In addition to hauling freight, uses for the company's heavy-duty trucks range from emergency vehicles to trash trucks. International Truck and Engine also makes mid-range diesel engines and the V-8 diesel engine for Ford's Power Stroke pickup. Navistar controls much of the medium truck market, but only about 20 percent of the heavy truck market. Medium trucks are the delivery trucks found on side streets around town, while the heavy trucks are the semitrailers on the highways. It also controls much of the school bus chassis market. Navistar and the International brand is one of the market leaders for sales of school busses.

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International Truck Pictures
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1999 International 9400 Truck Picture
1999 International 9400
2006 International RXT Truck Picture
2006 International RXT
1998 International 4700 Truck Picture
1998 International 4700
2000 International 9900 Truck Picture
2000 International 9900
Internationald 8500 Flatbed Truck Picture
Internationald 8500 Flatbed
1996 International 1900 Truck Picture
1996 International 1900
International 9400 Truck Picture
International 9400
2000 International Truck Picture
2000 International
2005 International 9100 Truck Picture
2005 International 9100

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2006 International CXT Truck Picture
2006 International CXT
2002 International 8500
2002 International 8500
International 7400
International 7400
International Fie Truck Truck Picture
International Fire Truck
2006 International 8500 Truck Picture
2006 International 8500
2006 International 8600 Truck Picture
2006 International 8600
Rear Right 1998 International 9100 Dump Truck Picture
1998 International 9100
Right Side 2001 International 4700 Truck Picture
2001 International 4700
Front Right 2010 International 4400 Truck Picture
2010 International 4400

2005 International Dieters Accesssorized Truck Picture
2005 International Dieters
2007 International 4400 Truck Picture
2007 International 4400
2000 International 9200 Truck Picture
2000 International 9200
2008 International 4300 Truck Picture
2008 International 4300
1999 International 4700 Truck Picture
1999 International 4700
2008 International 4400 Truck Picture
2008 International 4400

International Truck Pictures
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