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Peterbilt Truck Pictures - Page 3

Pacific Car and Foundry purchased Seattle's Kenworth Motor Truck Company in 1945 and both Peterbilt Motors Company and the Dart Truck Company 13 years later. In 1972 the corporate name was officially changed to PACCAR Inc, with the Pacific Car and Foundry Company name becoming a subsidiary division. In 1981, PACCAR acquired Foden Trucks, a British manufacturer. Fifteen years later, in 1996, the Dutch DAF Trucks, at the time in financial difficulties, was acquired. and in 1998 PACCAR acquired the British Leyland Trucks for its light and medium truck (6 to 44 tonnes) design and manufacture capability. With its Peterbilt, Kenworth, Leyland, Foden, and DAF nameplates, PACCAR ranks second in production numbers in the United States and third in production numbers globally in "big rig" truck production.

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Peterbilt Truck Pictures
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2007 Peterbilt 386 Truck Picture
2007 Peterbilt 386
1996 Peterbilt 385 Boom Truck Picture
1996 Peterbilt 385
2006 Peterbilt 378 Truck Picture
2006 Peterbilt 378
2000 Peterbilt 379 Truck Picture
2000 Peterbilt 379EX
2004 Peterbilt 330 Cube Truck Picture
2004 Peterbilt 330
Peterbilt 379-127 Truck Picture
Peterbilt 379-127
2002 Peterbilt 387 Truck Picture
2002 Peterbilt 387
1992 Peterbilt 378 Truck Picture
1992 Peterbilt 378
2001 Peterbilt 378 Truck Picture
2001 Peterbilt 378

Front Left Bronze 2011 Peterbilt 386 Truck Picture
2011 Peterbilt 386
Front Right 2000 Peterbilt 379 Dump Truck Picture
2000 Peterbilt 379
Front Left Black 2005 Peterbilt 357 Dump387 Truck Picture
2005 Peterbilt 387
2003 Peterbilt 379 Truck Picture
2003 Peterbilt 379
Peterbilt 4745 Truck Picture
Peterbilt 4745
2001 Peterbilit 379 Truck Picture
2001 Peterbilit 379
1989 Peterbilt 378 Truck Picture
1989 Peterbilt 378
2001 Peterbilt 379 Truck Picture
2001 Peterbilt 379
1997 Peterbilt 379EX Truck Picture
1997 Peterbilt 379EX
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2004 Peterbilt 387 Truck Picture
2004 Peterbilt 387
2008 Peterbilt 335 Truck Picture
2008 Peterbilt 335
2007 Peterbilt 379EXHD Truck Picture
2007 Peterbilt 379EXHD
Front Right White 2008 Peterbilt 335 Truck Picture
2008 Peterbilt 335
Front Right Peterbilt 388 Car Hauler Truck Picture
Peterbilt 388
Car Hauler
Left Side 2009 Peterbilt Century 335 Tow Truck Picture
2009 Peterbilt Century
Front Left Red 2005 Peterbilt 378 Truck Picture
2005 Peterbilt 378
Left Side Red 2010 Peterbilt 389 Truck Picture
2010 Peterbilt 389
Front Right White 2011 Peterbilt 389 Truck Picture
2011 Peterbilt 389

Peterbilt Truck Pictures
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