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Scania Truck Pictures - Page 3

In 2000, eleven Scania factories in five countries were involved in the manufacture of Scania number 1,000,000. The legendary power unit V8 was succeeded by an even more impressive 16-litre V8. For long-term development and reinforcement of the company’s bus business, in 2002 it was coordinated with the truck business. Also in 2002 the 1,000,000th truck was handed over when Scania Production Angers celebrated its 10th anniversary at the same time as Scania France celebrated its 25 years in business.

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Scania Truck Pictures
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1998 Scania 143M TEruck Picture
1998 Scania 143M
2002 Scania R124GB Truck Picture
2002 Scania R124GB
1993 Scania Refueler Truck Picture
1993 Scania Refueler
2003 Scania P94 Truck Picture
2003 Scania P94
2000 Scania 144 Truck Picture
2000 Scania 144
1988 Scania P82 Truck Picture
1988 Scania P82
1998 Scania 144G Truck Picture
1998 Scania 144G
Scania 124 Pulling Team Truck Picture
Scania 124 Pulling Team
1999 Scania 94 Truck Picture
1999 Scania 94

Front Left Red 1988 Scania 112H Fuel Truck Picture
1988 Scania 112H
Front Right 2005 Scania KW45 Truck Picture
2005 Scania KW45
Front Left Scania Concept Truck Picture
Scania Concept Truck
2005 Scania 420 Truck Picture
2005 Scania 420
2002 Scania R164 Truck Picture
2002 Scania R164
1999 Scania R124GB Truck Picture
1999 Scania R124GB
Scania 143M Truck Picture
Scania 143M
2001 Scania R124 Truck Picture
2001 Scania R124
2004 Scania R620 Truck Picture
2004 Scania R620

Claredon Freight Ltd. Scania P380 Truck Picture
Clarendon Freight
Scania P380
Claredon Freight Ltd. Scania R420 Truck Picture
Clarendon Freight
Scania R420
Claredon Freight Ltd. Scania P380 Truck Picture
Clarendon Freight
Scania P380
Front Right Silver 2003 Scania 164G Truck Picture
2003 Scania 164G
Front Left Red 2006 Scania R420 Truck Picture
2006 Scania R420
Front Right 2009 Scania 124L Transport Truck Picture
2009 Scania 124L
Front Left Gray 2010 Scania R480 Truck Picture
2010 Scania R480
Font Right Yellow 2009 Scania P380 Truck Picture
2009 Scania P380
Front Left Blue 1985 Scania 112 Truck Picture
1985 Scania 112

Scania Truck Pictures
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